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Wedding flower decoration tips

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Wedding flower decoration tips

Floral decorations are an important aspect of modern and traditional Indian weddings. This article will help you to make your floral decorations in place with ease.

Fresh flowers add a royal touch to your wedding. The beauty of your wedding location is greatly enhanced with rainbow colored flowers happily swinging in the breeze. I loved the visuals come to mind? So here are some tips for decorating with flowers to increase the wow factor to your wedding.

Choosing your florist

Wedding flower decoration tips

Now, choosing a florist can be a bit tricky. He or she can make claims and promise the world to you, but you should be a little more careful. Ask your florist to show you their portfolio and based on the photos, you can make your decision. Ask friends and family for their suggestions and advice. Choose your florist carefully, because you can not ask for repetition of their decorations and you have to stick to decorate no matter what. If you go to a wedding planner, so do not worry about looking for a florist that your planner will do all the work for you.

Choose flowers in bloom

Choose flowers that are in season. Never go for exotic species, as it can burn a huge hole in your pocket. Lily and Jasmine, in particular, look very nice in wedding decorations. So keep your eyes open, choose a lovely combination and the wedding venue will definitely look wonderful. Also, do not go for the flowers will dry easily. Are your florist sprinkle with a little water before the wedding. This will keep the flowers fresh, bright and cheerful through marriage.

Wedding flower decoration tips

Choose your color carefully

Indian weddings are a riot of colors and flowers simply further enhance her beauty. But this does not mean you can choose random color combinations. It would be wise to combine roses with orchids or sunflowers problems. So ask your florist for your posts. Opt for bright, vibrant colors that will brighten up your wedding decor India. You can also hold the trial. There are some flowers and try to see how good or bad it would look. Make your decision after evaluating all the provisions of the sample.


Never ignore your budget, when it comes to floral decorations. Always ask the florist of your quotation for decoration. Ask if necessary expenses of operation and the flowers from the florist costs included in the budget. Do not let your budget and keep climbing in sight at all times.

Wedding flower decoration tips

After the wedding

After the wedding, the flowers all the crap they have reached their goal. Got an NGO pick flowers. It can be used to make dyes used for auspicious occasions. If there is a non-governmental organization in your area, then request the removal of the unit to fix your flowers.

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