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Wedding Cakes – Take the time and make it yours

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Wedding Cakes - Take the time and make it yours

Wedding cakes symbolize the sweetness and charm of the wedding! Wedding cakes can be customized with extra bleachers, colors and stamps to capture this sweet moment in the life of a couple and make it more memorable. Lumps can be decorated to match the wedding theme, but also can be designed to reflect the personality and tastes of the couple.

To choose the perfect cake for your wedding, here are some suggestions from wedding professionals:

Skim cake pictures

 Wedding Cakes - Take the time and make it yours

This is one way to get an idea about what you want your cake to be. Wedding Planner Web pages, you can find some photos of cakes in different colors. You can also find different shapes cake, square and round.

We also collect photographs of cakes, quilts, accessories and charm to show the wedding package.

Choose cake toppers

 Wedding Cakes - Take the time and make it yours

In the photos, you will find an amazing array of wedding cake toppers ranging from traditional numbers and monograms man and woman cute animal figures. To give the cake a personal touch, exact replica of the husband and wife used in cake. You can use items that reflect the tastes and interests of cake.

For example, if both share a love for photography and met during the visit of the image, you can customize your cake topper image with the camera!

Select the style of the cake

Cake should be part of your wedding. Should be in accordance with the reception location, wedding theme, and even your wedding dress or wedding menu. All elements of your wedding will help you decide the structure and design of a node. If you want to have color accent flat rate depending on the decoration in your home, give your baker some tissue samples.

Get the right size

 Wedding Cakes - Take the time and make it yours

As a rule, people serve cake at three levels 50-100. If you have 200 or more, will have five layers of cake. However, the seat will determine the structure of the cake. If the reception is in a large room with high ceilings, you can increase the height of the cake with columns between levels.

Get some savings

Sometimes people get a little cake toppers levels and supplement with fresh leaves of the same taste in the back. This budget savvy technique is useful when you have many guests, as sweet leaves are less expensive. If you serve for dessert, plus cake, you can get half of the cake to serve your guests. This section is reduced, and costs.

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