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Vintage Style Wedding Dress

Vintage Style Wedding Dress

Wedding dresses vintage style are a strong fashion trend in wedding dresses. For many, the idea of ​​a vintage wedding dresses picture evokes modest lace dress with pearls and veil, but “vintage” term covers more than fifty years of fashion, and the options are almost limitless!

Vintage Style brings elegance and iconography of different eras, from fins from 20s to 60s hippie chicks, the glamor of the 30s and electronics 80. Whatever your choice was, take their inspiration from the styles of clothing, accessories, music, movies and jewelry to complement your wedding dress. Why not combine your vintage style with a modern touch to really make your wedding dress for yourself?

Here is a brief guide to the main vintage look is very likely to be found in vintage clothing store wedding:

20 years design began to move away from restrictive clothing, corsets and introduced low height, its borders, lace and Sillhouettes account and reduce dust.

30s fashion was elegance and glamor – think of the classic movie stars with wavy hair, tight silk dresses and smoky eye makeup.

The 40s were inspired by the military, adding tailored look to dresses and knee length dress. Pill box hats with veils were popular during the 40’s and 50’s.

50s style is divided between modest femininity and freedom of rock ‘n’! Try a short wedding dress 50s style skirt and dance the night away!

Fashion diversified in several directions during the 60s, but the styles are symbolic modern dresses, cocktail dresses, and of course the flower power.

70’s look, go for a free-flowing maxi dress or Greek style at the opposite end of the scale with a mini dress.

To create a vintage look, first decide period, or the type of wedding you are after. Vintage wedding dresses vary from floor length, ankle, tea length and shorter, even! The style is up to you – perhaps inspired by your site or book a classic movie, or celebrity. Browse antique shops and flea markets for vintage welcome small details and accessories to really give your wedding a vintage touch. A simple wedding dress can do ten times more awesome with the right shoes, jewelry, hats and accessories! And do not forget your spouse – there are many different styles of men’s suits to choose to suit your vintage look.

Above all, though, so that your wedding dress and style reflects your personality and enjoy your wedding unique.

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