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Vintage Costume Jewelry

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Vintage Costume Jewelry

Every collector of vintage jewelry will probably already be aware of some of the history behind the jewelry and what makes it so valuable as a point collector. After “signed” or “tagging” of jewelry is often one of the few ways to verify that the piece comes from a specific provider for a specified period. If you are a serious collector, access to reference materials that can give this kind of information is vital!

 Vintage Costume Jewelry

Listed here is a pretty big list of books that will help you determine if jewelry is made and for how long. Of course, this list does not include all the designers, but it is large enough to cover many of the most popular sellers in which the production of jewelry, before 1950, when the company began marking and be removed from the production process. Many of these books can be hard to find for sale online, but if you have time to visit local libraries, you may be lucky enough to find some of these helpful resources.

“Identification and Price Guide jewelry” Miller Harrice

“Jewelry 101” by Julia C. Carol

“Costume Jewelry 202” by Julia C. Carol

“Mid-Century Plastic Jewelry” by Susan Klein

Vintage Costume Jewelry

For those who collect stones unsigned, what follows is a great resource:

“Beauties unsigned Jewelry: Identification and Values” by Marcia Brown

Another method used to authenticate vintage jewelry is just about the history and production style used by each manufacturer, the vendor claims that the piece is done. For example, if the seller tells you part you are trying to sell part of Miriam Haskell by a certain time, if you knew the history of the production of their works, we can determine the authenticity of some of the “rules” the following:

 Vintage Costume Jewelry

– In 1948, his works had no permanent signatures on them

– Set of 1948 and in the 70’s, companies had a horseshoe shape with a reverse signature oval label

– From 79 onwards, Haskell pieces come with oval bowl again

– You do not need to be signed pieces Haskell Clip

– If the necklace has a sliding lock, will be given from ’75 to mid-80s

– If you have a hook that will always have a distinctive hook Haskell

– If you have a block to be a modern piece

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