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Valentine’s Day Wedding Theme

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Valentine's Day wedding theme

All dates are perfect for a wedding, but if you’re romantics, there is nothing better than to celebrate the Great Day on February 14th! Here are a few last-minute idea.

The popular belief has it that February is the month of love . Well, just for this day of Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14 February, the date of the most romantic of the year.

If you are just about to get married and want to add to your decorations some of our ideas, there is still time. However, if you are married a little farther on, do not worry you can adapt our suggestions, as the basic theme of a wedding-style Valentine’s Day is romance!

The essential element

One of the essential elements for decor inspired by this theme is the heart. You can take this form into many elements. On leaving the church, do distribute to the guests of the cones or bags of confetti-colored heart-shaped, instead of rice. The effect is very striking, and far less romantic “bombarding” the launch of the rice!

Decorating the tables

For the guest tables, use placeholders in the form of little heart. If you want, you can also use the do-it-yourself . Simply draw a heart on paper quality, sufficiently rigid and your favorite color. Once the choice is made, cut the edges according to the shape and make one or two cuts in such a way as to secure the cardboard edge of the glass. If you lack the time, do not worry, you can always buy the placeholders ready. Try to look for them in specialty shops in paper products.

The centerpiece

The key ingredients for a centerpiece of “Valentine’s Day” are: roses or other red flowers, pearls and lace. You can easily pack a very romantic centerpiece with these items. Then you can just add a nice chandelier, a tavoglia precious and your guests will be amazed.

The dishes

Even the dishes will be covered for romance! Not to mention the wedding cake. The latter must be prefernza chocolate decorations in the shape of heart, angel or similar icons.

The tables

To number the tables, choose the statuettes in the shape of Cupid and write the number on the inside. You can also use the titles of poems, songs or romantic movies.

The decoration of the room

For the decoration of the room, used balloons in the shape of heart, you can suspend the chairs or place in areas reserved to the wine of honor. This will give a festive touch. For a striking effect, choose a time of feast to release dozens of balls in the air (in the afternoon) and / or Chinese lanterns (in the evening).

To decorate the walls of the reception hall, garlands of paper cut in the shape of heart, are the most suitable.

The color

This is not new, the color fetish of Valentine’s Day is red, which goes very well with the white! Do not hesitate to incorporate an element of red to your private estate, a belt at the waist, a necklace, an accessory for the hair or your shoes. But even the groom can help with a beautiful short stemmed red flowers!

The alternative color

Among all the other colors that can come into play with the red, orange and pink are the most suitable. These offer the advantage of being more subdued. A marriage too – or only – red may be weighted.

The solution is to combine this color so alive and passionate with more neutral tones like beige, white, pale gray, gold and silver, or with a slight touch of black.

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