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The traditional American wedding

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The traditional American wedding

When it comes to traditional American marriage, no strict rules to follow. Often, American weddings can be held in religious matters of religion, church, synagogue or mosque. Although not required, most of the traditional American place in religious context.

Marriages are not “ready” in the United States. They are not ready to build a family business or social status. Well wedding ceremony usually provided by their lovers. Family and friends are formally invited. There are bridesmaids, best man, flower girls and ring bearer ready for the time is near.

The wedding ceremony is often performed by a religious leader or priest known for the bride and / or groom. Speeches and toasts to the new couple, wishing them luck ever.

Gifts are an important part of the wedding tradition of the United States. The gifts are given to help the couple set up a new home together, often cash gifts are given. Few can “check in” at a particular store in which painted their needs gift. In order to get married more detailed U.S., various elements of the wedding are worthy of introduction to Americans.

In addition to the steps above, there are several things you need traditional American wedding. Are white dress, veil, bridal shower, cake brush, and a promise of marriage.

White dress that the bride wear on the big day, it takes because it is symbolic of purity and faith that it is important for a couple, because it took the bride wore a veil, a custom traditional: It was considered that if the groom saw the bride before the ceremony, and groom do not like it, so that he may refuse to marry, and after the ceremony was over. So the curtain rose ceremony and it works even today in the modern American marriage. Bachelorette is often used in the honeymoon and the groom’s cake is cut after the wedding.

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