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Techniques wedding flower arrangements

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Techniques wedding flower arrangements

Flowers are an essential part of every wedding event. Beautiful flowers that possibility is very pleasing to the eye and sweet scents that atmosphere. Flowers alone already beautiful, but the key to your dream wedding is the proper disposal of these flowers.

Florists are professionals, who are often entrusted with the task of arranging wedding flowers. I am aware of the various techniques of floral arrangements and use these techniques to create stunning mountains look fresh and floral. Brides who want to save money by organizing their own flower arrangements also need to learn these techniques.

 Techniques wedding flower arrangements

The first method is very useful for arranging wedding flowers is perforation. As the name of the technique involves drilling involves pricking a piece of floral wire directly through the stem or flower. When the cable is inserted into the half and is bent on both sides along the stem of the flower.

Connection is another technique that florists useful. Ends of the floral wire is hook shaped. The cable is then inserted into the flower looking down at the stem that will be completely hidden in bloom and out of sight.

 Techniques wedding flower arrangements

Even with the help of a piece of floral wire twisting technique is performed by a ring around the flower. Repeat this process several times, and then the cable should be coiled around the stem of the flower down.

Technique similar to the U-torsional twist. In this method, the component in the form of U to do in the middle of the wire. This U-shaped component is then placed in the stem of the flower. At this point, the wire should be twisted stem down.

 Techniques wedding flower arrangements

The following method, a technique applied to the leaves or flowers fork too delicate. Once again, a piece of floral wire used. On the back of the leaf or flower wire to be inserted. Once the cable is inserted, bend both sides, so that the mother can create.

After a while, cut flowers, dry and wither, but expert florist aware of the many ways that flowers retain their freshness. It is important that the flowers are arranged quickly for maximum brilliance and beauty.

If flowers are freshly cut from the garden, flowers, should be directed down so that the flowers are tough, who can not be broken. Flowers, and then lay flat on a sheet of paper and then wrapped in bunches. This package, and then wrapped it must be soaked overnight in warm water for air conditioning. Reducing the dissolution of water in contact with the product, all parts of the leaves of the stem that will be under water should be taken. Spray the flowers with hot water, and at night and in the morning to continue its freshness.

If the flower has woody stems, lower part of the trunk must be beaten about 2 cm from the trunk before putting the flowers in water. Rod must be crossed and compared to ensure that the water absorbs enough flower.

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