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Planning a wedding budget

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Planning a wedding budget

Are in the final stretch of my commitment. My marriage of 99% planned: collect suspended. I’m getting married in a week. I learned a lot along the way, too – how to save money, how to stay organized, and how not to pull hair in total frustration.

Planning a wedding is an interesting adventure. It can become stressful if you let it. If you are not careful, you can make your life, your relationships, even your wallet. But an organized approach and priorities of the wedding planning can make things happen smoothly.

Speaking from experience very recently, here is my advice on how to plan a fabulous wedding organized and hopefully save some money along the way.

1) prioritize

First, before planning something, set priorities.

This is important because priorities are different for each person. Although ice sculptures and string quartets are a must for some couples, battery unlimited beer and fantastic DJs top of the list for others.

More than likely, you will have money to spend (more on that later), so that you understand how your pot of money to share for each vendor. If you’ve never planned a wedding before, you will be surprised how many sellers. This is why you must prioritize!

Rearrange the list below, which are most important to you:

• Ceremony (location, schedule)

• Photographer

• cake

• Flowers

• food (catering)

• Beverages

• Honeymoon

• Music (band / DJ)

• Decorations

• Stationery (invitations, save-the-date, covered, thank you cards)

• Clothing (wedding dress, tuxedos, accessories)

For us, decorations, paper products and clothing were bottom of the list, so we spent the least amount of money for these items. Restoration fell somewhere in the middle, so you chose the middle of the restaurant online.

Even if we were willing to splurge on high-priority items, we are always looking for bargains. He was sent with this mentality: “These things are important to us, so it’s good to go (a little), but not too smart and look for bargains.”

Priority Plan.

2) Set the numbers

By priority, you need to implement these two numbers:

• The total budget.

• the list of guests.

Wedding planning revolves around those two things. You can not be your best car to save money, unless you can charge those two numbers before a supplier can also cancel their sales arguments.

To decide on these issues, joint must mobilize someone who is willing to contribute to the event. (For example, your parents, your boyfriend, your parents and boyfriend.)


In many situations, parents help pay for the wedding, but these days they bend the rules of who pays what. It does not matter if you go the traditional route or not, it is better to sit with all the stakeholders early in the process, if you know from the outset how you work.

After all agree on a budget, take the time to share one budget priority list of your wedding expenses. In general, the average wedding reception (restaurant, bar, music, scenery, etc.), eating 50% or more of your wedding budget. Assign the rest of the things like the honeymoon, your dress, flowers, photography and invitations.

The guest list

If you pay for the wedding, you may want to give parents a number of people who are each allowed to invite. Alternatively, if your budget is more flexible, you will simply need to provide the guest list. Most lists are derived from these groups:

• The family of the bride

Groom • Family

• Friends of the Bride

• Free Friends

• mutual friends

• Associates

The number of people that you invite will lead you to the restaurant and bar / beverage costs. Therefore, it is important to know these numbers before you go to meetings with caterers, bakers and other potential suppliers.

3) Select SELLERS

After defining your priorities, your contacts, it’s time to get to work! I hit the big sellers outside of my wedding to-do list at the beginning of the game

Wait, let’s back – if you are new to this game of wedding planning, you probably have no idea what is another wedding to-do list. Fortunately, there are tons of free resources online to help you. I found a list theknot.com be very useful. I also downloaded an application on my phone that allowed me to test things in motion. Most of these charts look pretty similar, then there is no question that the use is intended to be the most important elements involved.

Early detection of the largest providers of before:

• Photographer

• Hospitality

• Location

• Ceremony Site

• Music

• Florist

• DJ

This is where priorities are useful. Here’s how to choose a provider from the list above, on the basis of priority:

• High consumption priorities: Choose a vendor who does the best job, has the best reputation, is very experienced, etc. Get into the heart of this seller.

• low priority expenditures: Choose a supplier that can do the work and charge the minimum amount. Stick to your budget for this seller.

Here are some tips for selecting suppliers in the background:

• Compare prices and offers, instead of being told how much to pay.

• Look at the entry-level suppliers or people who are new to the scene. Often, they are eager to gain experience and pay much less.

• Negotiations / negotiate good prices.

• Look in stores, local department stores, or even online.

Here are some tips for selecting suppliers of high priority:

• Choose a vendor based on their work, not their price.

• Make your decision based on the supplier’s portfolio, experience or tasting session.

• Be sure to compare prices, but if your heart is set on a more expensive service, go with it.

• If sleep supplier is out of your price range, working with them to see how you can book for less. I work less hours, less food, less expensive materials, etc.

4) Find ways to save money SMALL

Reservation service is awesome and each supplier provides is a huge mark on your wedding to-do list. It establishes a “base” of the marriage. Once booked your vendors, just put it all together and start to pull loose.

Since there are so many ways to save money on weddings, here are some of my favorite and / or hypo useful ways to save money:

• Borrow. You have probably seen tons of weddings for your friends or your family. They probably get a lot of good was around, things like bubbles, ring bearer pillows, baskets, flower girl, vases, ornaments, Pew bows, boxes, envelopes, etc.. Do not waste money on new items when you can borrow! Also, there are several websites that allow financial wedding to share with other brides and grooms.

• Use the skills of your friends. Your friends and family, you probably have skills that do not even know! Ask about everything! One of my friends is to make a custom ring bearer pillows in the colors of my wedding and others spent hours cutting lemons to put in our vases mistress. This is the power of the individual free to use!

• Models online wedding. We did save my dates and my wedding invitations we are using a kit purchased from Jo-Anns. Both articles were amazing inexpensiveI I warn you that if you are not willing to Microsoft Word, you’ll be an expert after you’re done. Try Googling “models” wedding invitation even more comfortable.

• fun craft store. You spend a lot of time on the craft store in the coming months. You may think you do, but trust me, you will. Many craft stores offer a good week discount of 40-50%. Collect these coupons. Do not pay full price in places where it is not needed.

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