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How to Save Money When Planning a Wedding? Is This Possible?

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How to Save Money When Planning a Wedding? Is This Possible?

Frequently organizing weddings begins with budget planning, because wedding ceremonies and parties cost a small fortune. We present a few tips that will help you save money when planning your wedding:

Negotiate for what you want: All sellers are willing to negotiate their prices, whether it is music, organizers, planners … Do not be shy to ask for a discount, because competition in the wedding industry is huge and they will certainly make keep you as a client.

Start shopping early: If you start preparing early, you have more chance to see what is offered in the market, so to make a better deal.

Subscribe to magazines for brides: This type of magazines always offer coupons for discounts as well as great ideas and tips on how to save when planning your wedding.

Set priorities: Think about what is important to you wedding, and what not. For example, if you want a beautiful and expensive wedding dress, cancel the most expensive invitations.

Minimize guest list: For example, you do not have to invite all the guests to come to your home. Revelry in the home is just about the closest, the rest should come directly to the site where it will be fun.

Consultations Wedding Cake!

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Consultations Wedding Cake!

Have a chat General to start – this will give you a general impression of the bride ideas, desires, etc., and will also allow you to break the ice and get to know a little bit, maybe more than a cup of tea! You should feel confident enough during the consultation to make suggestions and convey ideas!

Type of cake

First determine whether fruit cake or sponge is better, or, as is increasingly popular, a combination of both. Flavored sponge is another option, but it would be a good idea to perfect your recipes – sweet samples are usually appreciated!

Shape and size cookies

Round and square are usually the most popular, but there are many other forms which can be considered as the heart, hexagonal, oval or petal. Remember that if one of them is required, it may be necessary to take boxes that add cost. Once decided on the type of cake and form, it is now able to talk about the size and number of levels. Ask how many customers there are, probably, if the cake is presented to all the guests at the main reception and / or reduction of an evening reception, and, if necessary, must be sent later. Also, note the number of servings of fruit and sponge cake will be different, and different forms give different number of shares. Traditionally fruit cake cut into squares 1 “, while the sponge is 2” x 1 “, in order to ensure the sponge only half the number of servings. Three levels cake is the most popular, but if you determine the amount, there may be two, four or even five or six floors!

Color scheme

You may already have an idea of ​​the overall wedding colors in your initial conversation, but the decision should be made more precise at this stage. Cake is white, ivory or any other color? If tape is used, it is able contrast and color matching? If accessories should be placed on the cake must be color coordinated! If sugar flowers are needed, they should probably be connected with the general color scheme and match flowers and bridal bouquets.

Style and Decoration

The bride can have a clear idea of ​​style or decoration they want, so they are usually associated. Stacked and semi-Rated styles are very popular at the time, although there are many who choose to poles or separation. Do not forget to support metal or acrylic – this is probably the safest and easiest way to organize cake – no columns, studs or isolation is necessary! When choosing the style, stability is very important in higher cake (fruit), usually down. Flowers decoration – maybe sugar models or cold, or maybe, or maybe even a new design! Special attention should be paid to where the cake will be placed on the site. Will be at the center of the room or in a corner? That is the decoration of the cake should be or may not be right in front? Also make sure that the selected style is very easy to carry, and will not cause too much unnecessary trouble, giving more day!

Transport / Delivery / Installation

Decide if you are going to offer this service and development costs respectively. Most brides enjoy the implementation cakemaker of cake, with the advantage that provides cake gathered and displayed to their best advantage!


Taking all these factors into consideration, finally, it must work cost. It’s a good idea to have a tariff structure that has worked all aspects of the design, the ingredients of the cake, the assumption of any coating cans (gas / electricity), etc., and the time required to complete this work. If you can not give the bride price immediately, then take the time to work on cost and reporting in a day or two. Always carry a deposit to cover you in the event of delay or cancellation.