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Accessories Your Wedding Dress

Accessories Your Wedding Dress

I hope you find a wedding dress that you love, but his style honeymoon is not over. From brooches to earrings to accessorize your wedding gown to complete your outfit.

This season is dedicated to accessories, bright colors and large blocks of cakes, flowers and ribbons, shoes and make your fun fashion statement. There are so many ways to accessorize your wedding dress – guided by your general style, either classic, traditional, elegant and chic, bohemian, hippie, retro and vintage, hipster or cool.

Accessories Your Wedding Dress

Some accessories to consider:

Bodice – an alternative to a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a bouquet can be true or false, and are decorated in bright colors, ribbons, beads and sparkles. Attach the straps, skirt, hair, and even the whole class.

Brooches – very trendy, vintage accessories, brooches Research versatile addition to your wedding outfit. You do not have to be real antiques, there are many beautiful brooches for sale on the street, at the moment, so you have many different colors and styles. Stick to your bouquet, strapless dress, shirt or skirt, or hair pin. Choose a color that goes with the flowers, dress and makeup. Pins make great accessories for your Bridesmaids and can be given as a gift after the wedding.

Accessories Your Wedding Dress

Statement shoes – shoes are fashionable colors – bright, bold and beautiful, I peep from beneath the brim dress cool and fun accessory. Go for strappy platforms and wedges in height without oscillations. Or, if you’re thinking of going barefoot, make sure you get a pedicure and think about blinging your feet with toe rings and ankle!

Clutch bags – one team to the various accessories for a modern twist. A nice little clutch can be done to replace your bouquet, lit with a brooch or a beautiful corsage. Functional and fabulous! Great for bridesmaids too, because they are the ones no doubt carrying around your makeup and junk anyway!

Accessories Your Wedding Dress

Headbands – Channel your inner flower child and go for a diadem of flowers and sequins. A great way to add interest to your hair and can be a viable low-cost alternative to a tiara or veil. These can be fitted with creativity a little more, the use of flowers, feathers, pins and ribbons.

Feather Extensions – This is a hot new trend and fits the wedding boho style – long feathers are woven into the hair to add color and texture to the hair. You can use natural dyes or strong depending on your tonal colors.

Chandelier earrings – as opposed wedding dress in a minimalist style, drawing earrings with large stones to add a touch of color to your look and show off your neck and shoulders.

Tips for Choosing Verenicki Ring

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Tips for Choosing Verenicki Ring

The main role of men in the wedding ceremony is to choose verenicki ring! If you have decided that it is true, here are some tips on how to choose the perfect ring verenicki

Check out her jewelry and see if she prefers gold or silver (silver in any case if it will buy a ring of white gold). If you think she equally loves gold and silver buy gold ring with both types.

If possible, find out who the number of ring wear. If you do not know the number, then “steal” one of its ring to let you know which size to buy.

Try, through her clothing and accessories, to find out what style she has. Is it modern or traditional. It will greatly help you in choosing sovvrshen ring.

Its construction is significant. If it is weak, select delicate ring with a smaller stone. If there are more curves, opt for the larger stone or a few pebbles. Under stones mean diamonds

Think about her lifestyle. Women usually verenicki ring is not being taken out of the hand, so you should choose a ring that will fit into her everyday life.

If you think the choice of gemstone, try stone around to ask who is most like. If you can not decide, diamonds are always the best choice.

The most important thing you need to do is find out if your beloved is ready for marriage. Try through casual conversation to find out what she thinks of the theme for the wedding, because they do not want to say “no” since you already spend a lot of time choosing the ring.