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Interview with Carlo Pignatelli

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Interview with Carlo Pignatelli

A close encounter with one of the stylists symbol of haute couture made in Italy allows us to offer our readers a detailed description of the philosophy of “tailoring” of Carlo Pignatelli. Here is her bridal collection 2013.

Tailoring, attention to detail and a lot of research lines and tissues, maison Pignatelli confirms the salient points in his bridal collection once more. Expectations and dreams of brides this year are reflected in a profusion of romantic dresses and bold at the same time, precious fabrics, a splash of pastel color and many cuts siren …

Couture and Fiorinda , the two lines of the house, are faithful to the style Pignatelli, its basic features. But do not miss the surprise effect, all played on the concession to modernity, which, year by year, the designer plays with a strong personal stamp helping to shape new lines and trends.

Couture , the line star, uses models sumptuous, coated fabrics and embellished with inlays important never trivial, Fiorinda , the line more accessible and “democratic” does not fail to fulfill its role, to pay tribute to the protagonist of Big Day: Thanks to simple lines but always well-thought thinking about the parts of the female body to emphasize.

Interview with Carlo Pignatelli

Following are revealed as the designer Salento – but living in Turin – with regard to the current collection, with a few tips in addition also invited to the wedding!

In bridal collection include many models siren. This is the must-have for 2013?

Fiorinda In the collection there are many models siren, others are more romantic and refined we have included in the collection Couture. We make sure that, through the two lines, the brides can find what is closest to their taste.

What are the major trends of this season, and especially where they come from the inspirations of Carlo Pignatelli for his creations?

inspiration for brides 2013 ranges from Greek goddesses, for the leaders more ethereal, the ladies of the nineteenth century, the most romantic and sought.

How stands the bride “Pignatelli” from all the others?

The Pignatelli wedding dresses have a factory, a tailoring, a rare refinement. The embroidery is carefully stitched by hand by expert seamstresses and so no gasket is identical to another, maximum guarantee of exclusivity.

What are the tissues and lines dominate this year?

The Mikado, either alone or in combination all’organza silk to give body and volume to geometric shapes; organza applied in all its forms: light canvas structure , organza, satin, organza, taffeta, organza effect “gloss”, shining organza with golden coating, organza printed macrofloreale is that watermark effect.

Interview with Carlo Pignatelli

The wedding dress this year is also colored. On that relate to your palette choices and why?
The color palette is inspired by the neoclassical painting and romantic shades of ivory and marble statues and palaces, gold and glow of dawn pale yellow, cerulean blue, and to close with a contemporary touch the new “milk and coffee”.

What is the best accessory for the bride wearing a model Pignatelli?

Rather than speak of accessory masterpiece of the house, which is the gown with a mermaid line in which revive the echoes

Interview with Carlo Pignatelli

And for those who are invited to the wedding colors and style of the collection?

collection is invited to the rich colors. This year particularly stands out the green in his tone even more intense and not just pastels.

Interview with Carlo Pignatelli

of the immortal movie stars: sinuous and seductive, cut couture, in a variety of fabrics, including tulle and lace dubbed rebrodé.

There is a difference between a model designed for a bride in winter and summer?

No, the difference is only in the eventual accessory / jacket we make to cover their backs from the cold.

30 Ideas for Bridal Bouquet

30 Ideas for Bridal Bouquet

The bridal bouquet is one of the protagonists of the wedding. Here, below, a number of ideas to use – in moderation – to put together a really special bouquet!

Choose the wedding bouquet is not something that easy. In fact, several criteria have to be taken into account: the size of the bride, the style of the dress, the theme of marriage and the place of celebration . Once the well defined framework, you can add your personal touch to make the unique bouquet and perfectly in tune with your tastes.

The traditional bouquet

30 Ideas for Bridal Bouquet
Your wedding is definitely a classic that complies with all the rules? In this case, choose a bouquet composed mainly of roses, the symbol of love par excellence! Opt for shades of pink, white or mauve. This can be small and pretty flowers, such as gypsum.

If you are not too high, choose a baby bouquet and round, which accords with all styles of dresses .

30 Ideas for Bridal Bouquet

If you are tall and thin, however, and wear a dress with a long train, your choice will make for a long bouquet, cascading. This will include the leaves and flowers long and dilapidated as, for example, orchids.

Finally, if you wear a dress voluminous, it will be a very large and well garnished bouquet. Here you can associate rosebuds or hydrangeas.

The original bouquet

30 Ideas for Bridal Bouquet
If you want to get noticed and smarcarvi traditional bouquet, you can use natural elements as well as flowers. For example, introduce artichokes and succulents, whose green color blends very well with the tone mauve, violet and blue.

Aromatic herbs such as thyme or rosemary, scented and decorative plants such as lavender, will give a plus to your bouquet, as well as making very fragrant. To be favored in the case of a country wedding

30 Ideas for Bridal Bouquet

Fresh fruits in warm colors are another possibility and a very original idea, including: red fruits, small tangerines, tomatoes and small potatoes.

And if “fabbricaste” a wedding bouquet with unconventional elements which do not belong to the family or even to that of flowers and fruit and vegetables? Have you thought about a bouquet made of buttons or candy? You can be certain that you will not go unnoticed.

The custom bouquet

for a custom bouquet to one hundred percent, equip yourself with accessories. First, choose a pretty ribbon: fabric, rope or raffia. This trick will work particularly well for “dress up” the long stems of the flowers. If the flowers are short-stemmed, however, wrap them in a nice colored paper or, alternatively, tulle and other fabric suitable for the wedding theme. Be assured that this will value in your bouquet.

If you’re a fan of do-it-yourself, create an armor of iron wire or plastic, which will support your flowers and will give the bouquet a special form, such as a ball. done this, integrated different elements in your flower arrangement : pearls, feathers silky, butterflies, rhinestones and / or stone jewelry shining.

The bouquet themed

30 Ideas for Bridal Bouquet30 Ideas for Bridal Bouquet
Do not forget that the choice of your bouquet depends largely on the theme of your wedding. For a vintage wedding, the taste will be represented by a romantic and delicate bouquet of roses (also in cloth or stabilized), the romantic colors: pale pink and white.

For a marriage neo-hippy , do not hesitate to pack a whole bouquet of flowers and fabric, salmon colored, beige or blue empire: add a few feathers of your choice. zen For a wedding, preference of plants to Asian connotation, such as bamboo, orchid, cherry blossom or the Lotus.