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Photo Booth Wedding from A to Z

Photo Booth Wedding from A to Z

The photo booth is a type of animation for the wedding very popular, which is becoming more and more essential. To organize your photo booth, follow our advice.

Nowadays, it is increasingly common to provide space and time to make a photo booth as entertainment for the wedding . To achieve this you will need to take into account two main elements: what kind of soil you and your guests posarete the feet, and accessories, from time to time, you are going to use. And here’s some more details. Decorations Choose the upholstery or fabric that you like and that are related to the theme and colors of the wedding. Reflect well on the place or the manner in which will install the material chosen

You can also opt for a do-it-yourself and make you proud background, such as using satin ribbons and other materials. These can be joined to one another with a simple knot – or with staples -, to be then suspended in a rigid support, such as a wand for tents.

In both cases, you can embellish your funds with pompom silk or tulle or make a fund-based integer of colored pompoms . They are easy to make, very decorative, and if you decide to do-it-yourself, you will find many tutorials on the internet.Finally, you can create a true support decorative setting up an area with antique / vintage . Choose a long bench, where they can sit more people, a coffee table, a lamp, a wooden chest, a larger board antique, a rug, in short, everything that inspires you to give that touch a little ‘boudoir, that is so vintage.


The appointment is in a clothing store for Carnival! Here you will find various accessories such as masks, the wigs, feather boas, glasses, hair, original, false noses, and many others. For a wedding in the retro style , instead, go to antique (even a junk is fine), and Search the pile to find the original elements. If you already have the material at home, do not hesitate to use these resource. Be careful to keep some consistency between all the elements to avoid a kitsch!

Do not worry if you do not find all of the above in a specialty shop, you can always assert yourself dexterity and artistic ability . Off to the imagination, really!

Do-it-yourself personalization and

can make you fake mustache with the cloth, an eyeglass frame with some wire and mouths smiling with cardboard, to be supported by a pole, type skewer. To customize even better photos that will be taken by you and your guests, you have whiteboards or even better, pieces of cardboard cut in the form of a sticker (like the comics), so your loved ones can write messages that appear in the photos in any case , do not worry, whatever your choice this stratagem is always fun for friends and family. Allow for a sufficient number of accessories and divide all present in small groups, to facilitate the sessions, which will take place under the supervision of your photographer: only in this case, photos of your photo booth will be able to 100%.

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6 Ideas for Valentine’s Day

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6 Ideas for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and, perhaps, you are already wondering what will you do to celebrate it together with your partner, married or not! Here are some good ideas from which to draw for a romantic moment cut in two.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated worldwide by all the party lovers : a golden opportunity to celebrate your union and offer a particularly romantic.
course, when February 14th falls on a weekend, it leaves you more options when it comes on a weekday and there remains only the possibility of programming an enjoyable evening.

In this paper we propose some ideas for an evening to “expressed surprise” whose “ingredients” may apply to all cases (evening or weekend). First ingredient: a surprise dinner One of the most popular activities for Valentine’s Day is definitely a romantic dinner. If you really want to surprise your better half usually do not book the restaurant, but preparategli a delicious meal with your hands. If you do not have the habit of cooking, this detail will have even more value, the more that you can use a trick: take a peek on the internet a few easy recipe for an appetizer, a first, a second, a dessert. And maybe go to prepare these delicacies from a friend who can lend you his kitchen, so you do not risk of surprise.

Second ingredient: create the atmosphere

The second ingredient of an evening’s surprise success is the right atmosphere. Your sweetheart back home after a hard day’s work, offer at least once a year, a real moment of relaxation. You may have already selected a CD of relaxing music that you will go beginning with his arrival. A pleasant smell of incense will smell the air and the light is soft, thanks to the candles of various shapes and sizes. third ingredient: help him relax If you have already put in place the table, which will be elegant and accurate, there that will bring to the table what you have prepared. If, however, you will need to finalize some details on his arrival, proponetegli to get a nice relaxing bath, because you relax. You may have already prepared in advance a series of scented bath salts, shower gels, and why not, all that is necessary for a perfect exfoliation and hydration. The goal? That feels unique and pampered. fourth ingredient: the surprise hot If you love both spicy surprises, in addition to bath salts and scented creams, add a basket of underwear you would like to see him wear a little to enliven the evening. And then, it is to say it explicitly? Bathe together! Even in this case the candles and the music are imposed. Once dried, go to the room for a massage super relaxing essential oils. If this is the plan, however, think about dinner before! fifth ingredient: the surprise atypical To make the surprise “atypical”, take a loan the apartment of one of your friends and go together, on the pretext of an excuse. Your him (but what do you think in the other direction) will think that you have forgotten Valentine’s Day and the evening will end with a hole in the water and instead happen exactly the opposite! And the surprise will be truly successful. To worry that he or she has taken the necessary to spend the night outside. If one of your options is to give you a gift, book a room in a residence or a farm, you have done a duty to prepare for the occasion.

Sixth ingredient: the treasure hunt

You have a bit ‘of time before you, and you want to step up a gear? Organized a sort of treasure hunt in your town! Spargerete clues and gifts in different places and at certain times / strategic points: send him / her a message left work, as may be in his favorite clothing store where you can spend a voucher that you have bought in advance and you slipped into his bag (or in his pocket if she is to make a surprise to him). The alternative is a florist, where you will find a sumptuous bouquet of flowers with a note that indicates the location of the appointment for the evening: his favorite restaurant!

6 Ideas for Valentine's Day 6-Ideas-for-Valentine's-Day-3 6-Ideas-for-Valentine's-Day-4