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Cake Ideas For The Modern Bride And Groom

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Cake Ideas For The Modern Bride And Groom

Wedding day is flooded with tradition. Rings, flowers, something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. But wedding cake is a tradition that has been given a modern twist lately.

Many couples choose to still have the traditional three-tier cake covered with marzipan castor sugarĀ icing and white, miniature models of the bride and groom sitting on top. But today is a brand new kind of wedding cakes by popularity.

What are the options for the current partner? Here is a guide to the very impressive cake for your big day.

Cupcake Tower

The name says it all. The cupcake has become very fashionable in recent times and it is not surprising that this trend has moved into the realm of wedding cake. These towers look fantastic, and as the tower and is divided into separate parts, no need to cut and distribute the cake among the guests.

There can be different forms made cakes for all, in terms of flavor and filling. Red Velvet Cupcakes with dark chocolate, the bride and groom to choose what you want and also can have different taste, if desired.

Cupcakes are also a great way to accommodate people with food intolerances and / or allergies, such as nut milk and gluten free cakes can be specially made and marked for persons with special dietary needs.

Cake Character

For those who have an interest in a particular area, or for those who want to represent a particular aspect of their relationship, perhaps character cake is for you. If there is a particular artist or a famous musician that has meaning for you or common passion you would like to be part of your big day, you can incorporate this into your wedding cake.

For example, fans of David Bowie might be tempted to have a cake David Bowie made for them, or the bride and groom, who both work in architecture you may want to have a building recreated as Leaning Tower. Keep in mind that this type of cake can be very expensive depending on the design, making it a luxury. And whatever you do, make sure it is in good taste …

Split levels of the best cheeses

Some brides and grooms are now choosing not to “cake” of marriage in general and not a cake anyway. Couples who do not have a sweet tooth often decide to have a wedding cake made of multiple layers of the finest cheeses. With layers of cheddar, stilton cheese and covered with soft cheeses such as Brie Lancashire layers and Camembert.

This type of “wedding cake” can look very impressive when surrounded by fruits and flowers and is an ideal choice for brides and grooms who do not like sweet cakes.

Strange and unusual

Some people want something totally off the wall of your big day, cakes that people will talk about for the rest of their lives. Some special designs are included:

A life-size model of the bride
A tiered cake, which was divided into several platforms that offer the bride and groom are involved in a shootout with other
A cake that has an aquarium built into it
Four pixelated Mario Bros. offered cake
A model of the wedding dress, the bride who live in

The options above are extreme examples, of course. But if you have money to spend, why not invest in something that will be memorable. If there is something that the bride and groom agree, then you can also get a cake that will make people remember your big day. So, do your research, shop around, and the fact is that there is a perfect cake for your big day.

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A Modern Version Of The Wedding Cake Charms

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A Modern Version Of The Wedding Cake Charms

Wedding cake charms worn by brides blush for more than 100 years. The tradition of putting parts of the charm in the wedding cake began in Britain during the Victorian era, and was a pleasure enjoyed by the upper class. This tradition came to the United States sometime after the turn of the century. Although still common in the southern states of the tradition has spread throughout the United States and jerk wedding cake, bridal shower or tape often appreciated by brides and bridesmaids hours in each state.

In a traditional wedding cake charms were often religious influence on the subject of the complaint. A set can contain a cross charm, a life of peace, tranquility and a close relationship with God, and lily (literally stylized lily, meaning and importance fleur lis lily flower in French) for a lifetime of prosperity and intimacy with God. Charms were often made of silver and worn bracelet or near the center of the necklace.

A Modern Version Of The Wedding Cake Charms

Today wedding cake charms join a group shot of silver in the finals and placed in the shower or wedding wedding cake often at intervals, so that every house is located on the piece when cutting the cake. The bridesmaids can “pull” the appeal before the cake is cut, or bridal shower cake can be cut first and charm of a piece of cake. The fun begins when each bridesmaid reveals its charm and its meaning is read from the card attached.

Brides today often wish slightly dated version “of this great tradition and to engage in more modern wedding cake ribbon. Although tradition mechanics are the same, silver charms consist of a fun series, playful elements that come along with our modern company. Pendants Modern is particularly favored by people young brides often have girls that make your wedding.

Modern charm carry the tradition into the 21st century with its importance for today’s youth. A set of shower cake charm can be composed of silver charm bottle of nail polish, it’s a fun night on the town, corkscrew, a celebration of life, and sterling silver icicle charm for a life full of sweet surprises. Modern glamor wedding cake is a nice way, happy to live a wonderful tradition.

A Modern Version Of The Wedding Cake Charms