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Ideas for wedding decorations Asia

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Ideas for wedding decorations Asia

Most Asian weddings take place in a few days, including various rituals, places, appointments and decorations for various events. Different models may depend on the budget or theme. Most Asian weddings are a big deal, and a unique design that reflects your personal perception always makes your wedding a memorable day for everyone.

Some decorating ideas for Asian weddings:

• Colors – If you are planning a traditional wedding, red and gold can be used for curtains, flowers and murals in the main hall. In case you decide to have a themed wedding, you can go for colors like pink and light green wins. In some western Asia weddings, use of the money is also widespread.

Ideas for wedding decorations Asia

• Lighting – You can set the mood with lighting that is used on this site. Ethnic style is to illuminate the place with lanterns and candles instead of electric lights. Other methods such as the use of lights illuminates the dark color of different intensity provides several options. Alternatively, you can go for unique lighting is not too bright, but the right amount and color of aesthetics and comfort.

• The use of non-standard elements – the use of some drawings, mostly in one piece, can be used as symbols that represent the essence of marriage. For example, for an Indian wedding, you can have a larger version of the mangal sutra-place in the center of the room symbolizes the sanctity of marriage. This content can be great even your topic. Place the document to be inserted in a way that your guests can see it easily.

• Food and tables – You can choose the settings and all other elements associated with home cooked meals dining room. Ask how the tables will be decorated. You can use decorative items such as vases and candle holders placed between food decorate tables. However, you must keep in mind that does not leave the tables are full.

Ideas for wedding decorations Asia

• Mandap – Coming to the most important part of the decoration, Mandap, where sit the bride and groom and the ceremony takes place in the context of green decorated with flowers, attractive colors and light effects. This is where the center of the decoration for the wedding day. Furniture must be carefully selected to match the rest of the decor. You can use silk or crowns on the pillars of the Mandap.

• substance and meaning – to reduce weight more for decoration, you can use pictures of the bride, groom and their families projection screen or wall hangings.

Service professional decency decorators inside the chamber should be monitored for quality and reputation. A group of caterers, decorators and the way you can ensure a successful marriage.

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