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Food and Drinks Wedding

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Food and Drinks Wedding

With so much to organize the wedding approaches, it may be a good idea to keep food and drink wedding without complications. However, to ensure that your guests and your taste buds satisfied, the choice of quality food and high season are the best things you can do. It is not hard to do – and yet affordable.

The hardest part of choosing what food and drink you have for your wedding try to answer each one. You can customize the menu to suit different tastes that most guests really enjoy their food, looking back on your wedding day very memorable.

There are many food options for your reception, but reduced to three, to help you make a decision easier. Can sofas – Lunch – buffet or sit down lunch or dinner, depending on when it is received.

Food and financial crises

Food and Drinks Wedding

In tough economic times, included may be a good option because it is more profitable. There are a variety of food to choose whether to opt for the buffet, so whether your guests are vegetarians, Vegans and meat lovers can choose what they want.


Sofas are usually the most expensive option if you choose sofas as you look around before deciding on the menu. Remember that some people may not have breakfast, so probably not a good idea to drink on an empty or nearly empty stomach.

Food and Drinks Wedding

In general, leave about six canapés per person (before lunch) and 14 or more per person (admission for skating and sofa bed only). Good combination of sofas to choose for your guests consisting of hot and cold canapés half vegetarian and half vegetarian at least 30 per cent and 10. Make sure you have a knowledgeable staff that can tell your guests sofas. Make sure you are well informed before playing their role. Try not to choose sofas that are difficult to eat, you and your guests could end up with a mess.


Simplify your life by choosing simple dishes, easy to eat and use seasonal ingredients. If you want all the flavors, cold, vegetarian is the best thing that you can choose here. It is also easy to eat and can be served as soon as everyone is seated.

The main course

If you decide to include your wedding, it’s a good idea to tell your staff each table to get your food to avoid overcrowding and chaos indirectly. If you decide to have a sit down lunch or dinner dish that is easily prepared and can be served in a bowl, it will be much easier for administrators and staff.

Food and Drinks Wedding

For starters, consider the time of year is the application will be held to determine the best tasting products. Your guests will surely be satisfied with your meal if you are prepared with seasonal ingredients. Think about fundamentals such as the fact most people probably will not want to eat a packed lunch if you are in the middle of a cold winter. Alternatively, a pork roast glands may overstate your guests, if you choose this meal in the middle of a hot summer.

Be aware of any food allergies your guests to make sure that they have alternatives to them. Leaders often respond to such requests. Also, be aware of the age. Older children and young people probably do not eat as much.


While choosing dessert you can see if mass indulgent, try not to go too far with their puddings, not to make them too rich. Generally, are presented in Tables individual dessert plates are the easiest and serve.

Food and Drinks Wedding

Again cares seasons. If you have your wedding in the summer, which is probably a good idea not to desserts that could melt or to reduce or incredibly rich and heavy. Sometimes couples choose to have a wedding cake pudding. It is both economical and practical solution, but there are many different ideas that can have pudding.

The desserts are the perfect food to be more decorative. Add coulis, berries or dessert sauces to make them a little more attractive.

Coffee and tea

Because not everyone has a coffee or tea, you can save less saturated tables not set cups and saucers. Have a separate table for coffee and tea is the best thing to do here. We also encourage customers to move away from his desk and circulate and socialize. You might want to add a plate of bread, slices or pieces of wedding cake table.

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