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As a platinum ring with wedding bands

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As a platinum ring with wedding bands

Wedding rings are the most important symbol of the union couple. Gold is still the most popular type of wedding rings, but some couples choose to use platinum rings.

For centuries, couples have used gold wedding rings symbolize their union. Ancient Romans believed that the bride wears a gold wedding ring, the man gave as it was. Do you know the property Previously, only women wore these rings, but now carry the man and the woman on the left ring finger.

Gold is an ideal metal for wedding rings because it is durable, resists hole is very important. While gold is still used for the production of fine jewelry platinum wedding rings began to become popular. Platinum metal is white-gray probably highly resistant to corrosion, wear and damage. Couples who have wedding rings in platinum choose to do so, because the value of the metal and a nice shiny surface.

Many jewelry stores sell pieces of platinum, but you should be careful when buying. Here are a few things you should look for when buying platinum rings.


 As a platinum ring with wedding bands

Jewelry is rarely pure platinum. Platinum requires alloyed with other metals to make it easier for manufacturers of jewelry for them. The content of platinum ring is more, the more valuable and “clean”. If money is not a problem for rings that seem to 90-95% of platinum.

Metals commonly used platinum iridium alloy, cobalt and ruthenium. Cobalt and ruthenium alloys are more expensive, but often have a mirror finish and are resistant to oxidation. Iridium alloys are less expensive, but they are softer and more prone to damage.


 As a platinum ring with wedding bands

Platinum is less malleable than gold or silver, which makes it difficult to work. Look for jewelry that have extensive professional experience in the design of platinum to make sure to buy pieces with high quality and fine craftsmanship.

Fine detail

If you want to buy a simple platinum rings or rings with different designs, always looking for handmade designs. Designs are made from mass production is usually less detailed than manual work, and start a little ‘wear after a few years. Accents common causes include watermarks or lace edges and milgrain.

 As a platinum ring with wedding bands

You can also seek the services of customization offers jewelry. These stores can be a one-of-a-kind pair of rings for you and your spouse.

Wear platinum ring is a great way to show your eternal love and devotion for your loved one to express, yet. Your budget in mind while browsing jewelry stores different take your spouse with you as you visit these businesses, so that you can decide to buy such rings, and discuss how to spend a lot of money you are willing. Some couples choose white gold as an alternative low cost, but the quality of white gold and platinum shine in every respect.

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