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Arabic Makeup for Brown Eyes

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Arabic Makeup for Brown Eyes

Owners hazel eyes (however, as the green ones) certainly well aware of what suits them the Arabic makeup. And it is not surprising, because this is the eye color is most characteristic of Oriental women, from which we came, and the technique of makeup.

The main focus of Arab makeup – eye. After all, the beauty of the Eastern woman, always wearing long robes and veils, can only be judged by the eyes. Therefore, make-up has a special role – how you can make the eyes more expressive.

Arabic make-up done with one basic requirement: all the lines, applied during the make-up, should be directed upward (corners of the lips, eyebrows, eyes).

Arabic Makeup for Brown Eyes
East hazel-colored eye makeup done in pink, blue, brown, yellow and green colors and their shades.

To align the skin and make it smooth and soft, adjust its basic color of the face, apply foundation and powder. Choosing a blush, prefer soft colors, tan: because we do focus on the eyes, and distract from them will not.

Arabic make-up includes a clear line of eyebrows, because they bring in the view of the eastern women mystery and secrecy. Whatever the thickness of the eyebrows, they should be clearly delineated.

Apply the shadow should be on all along the eyelid and lower lash line growth. You can use one or several shades of one color, making smooth transitions from dark to light. This makes the eyes bright and inviting.

Arabic Makeup for Brown Eyes
The main tool for applying the Arab makeup – eyeliner in black. When professionally applied makeup executed Arab hands – as clear and neat.

Now comes the work of Mascara: 2-3 layers on the upper lashes to add length and make it fluffy, and one layer – at the bottom.

For Arabic, use a lipstick makeup natural colors because the emphasis is on the eyes, the color of lipstick should not be bright and catchy. Use pale pink, light brown or caramel lipstick without a pearl or a brilliant effect.

Arabic Makeup for Brown Eyes

In this make-up can safely go on a romantic date or a professional photo shoot, at a noisy party in a restaurant or while relaxing in one of the eastern countries. If you are not afraid to close admiring glances and a happy owner of brown eyes, the Arabic make-up – just for you!

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