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6 Look Make-Up for Bride 2013

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6 Look Make-Up for Bride 2013

New trends inspired fashion collections detach in 2013 and concern the wedding dress, the accessories and the bride’s face. Here are some tips for choosing the best in make-up and feel at the top.

All women want to give their best on their wedding day and devote the months prior to the search of ideas and sources of inspiration to achieve the goal: to be in good shape and better than ever. The make-up of the bride is a crucial aspect to which attention when you want to be glowing from head to toe. And anyway, as we often say, a radiant face does not need many touches. Indeed! ‘s that, little by little, we’re revealing the trend this year : the natural is the most popular !

6-Look -Make-Up-for-Bride-2013-2

And this is not a secret to many women who are naturally oriented towards a simple and light make-up for the big day, even those of you who usually have my hand a little heavy. And in fact we can confirm that the trends 2013 all go in this direction, even with the natural not wrong at all.

Simple and natural make-up

6 Look Make-Up for Bride 2013
If you are already adepts makeup simple and inconspicuous as possible, you are in perfect tune with the times: this year, the make-up professionals have determined that the “nude look” has a very major role. Simply, then, sublimating your strokes so delicate, to highlight your natural beauty. This straight is particularly useful for women who do not have the habit of putting on makeup every day.

What matters above all is to have a nice shade of complexion. And if this is not really the case, simply use a good foundation or blush to create the right color on the cheeks. With a little ‘gloss on the lips, preferably transparent, a touch of mascara and without exaggeration, that’s it.

Retro trend

6 Look Make-Up for Bride 2013
continues the trend vintage this year and who knows if we stancarcene! If you want to look like the divas of the ’50s and ’60s, the eyeliner is a must. For the lips, instead, choose a lipstick not too lively.

Lips colored

with colorful clothes nothing better than colored lips: Apply on the lips well moisturized a bright pink color, provided – of course – that the makeup of the rest of the face remains discreet. As usual, no more hype!

6 Look Make-Up for Bride 2013

Bright and why not!
Everybody knows that the wedding day, the bride is already beaming in itself. Yet, in 2013, you can add your own, integrating the make-up of the sequins or very bright shades, all, of course, staying sober and elegant.

Pink for the most romantic

Among all trends 2013, certainly one that stands out is the key romantic. As for the ‘ wedding dress , this is manifested by the presence of a profusion of flowers, while the make-up effect is given by the choice of the color pink.

6 Look Make-Up for Bride 2013

If you have blue eyes, do not hesitate to apply the blush of pale pink on the eyelids, barely visible. However, if your eyes are dark, opt for a pink color a bit ‘more sustained.

The combination of bronze and gold is great for a more sumptuous. And for the lips, do not hesitate to use the same shade of pink or one of your choice.

Wedding photos
for photographs and a video of marriage succeeded, adopted the blush matte rather than gloss, lipstick and gloss does not, of course, notice the gloss!

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