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10 Simple Ways to Decorate a Wedding Cake

10 Simple Ways to Decorate a Wedding Cake

10 Simple Ways to Decorate a Wedding Cake

Prepare yourself for this shower of sugar! Today we’ll talk about how to decorate the wedding cake in a simple manner.

The decor of your wedding cake need not be elaborate or expensive.

They can be so sweet, simple and elegant as what you propose.

We’ll show you how easy it is to incorporate colors, shapes, flowers, fruits and decorated paper for a special cake regardless of size.

1) Decorated with handmade wreaths

With small pieces of colored paper, decorated or decorated you can create your own this nice cake decoration to put around the cake.

2) Hearts and other forms of paper

These paper figures brochetes supported by wooden sticks are very nice and offer the possibility to combine colors and shapes. Some artists even recreate the profile of people on paper, may be the silhouette of the couple a good choice.

3) Pennants

With the aid of two sticks again brochetes and paper flags carried by hand and held by a thread, you can place on your cake this nice decoration. If you use colored paper metallic gold or silver will get a more sophisticated look. If instead you want something light, try 2 or more tones.

4) Wreaths tissue

Garlands made ​​with this fine paper make a lot more movement and look like pompoms. In this case, also need to resort to brochetes.

5) Jewelry for the cake

Using pearl necklaces, necklaces of rhinestones and all kinds of jewelry will get a cake elegant and refined.

6) Large peonies

These beautiful flowers are very popular. We have seen in lush bouquets and centerpieces. Why not use them to decorate the cake? You’ll get a fresh and natural. You can also use some other big flower that pleases you.

7) A flag for the cake

Inspired by the classic sign of welcome, this decoration allows the couple to convey a nice message for guests or just the initials or names of the happy couple. “Just Married” or “They lived happily ever after” are just some possible examples.

8) The fruit

Get brightly colored fruit such as strawberries, cherries or berries. Put them respecting some form of design or taste scattered on the top layer. Best of all, make the cake even more delicious.

9) Carnations

These classic flowers are available in all seasons and in many different shades. They are very versatile, which allows you to put on the cake, the sides and in small clusters.

10) Glaze

The icing is a classic decor. You need not be an expert to apply it with grace, but only a mouthpiece for decorating and a little practice. It begins with a weekend cake or a meal with friends or relatives. In stores you’ll find tips with different designs that all the work for you.

If you decide to allocate these arrangements for the main cake, you can incorporate them into a cake dessert or side you want to highlight.

Look and enjoy the other pictures below:

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