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Soft Floral Arrangements for Weddings

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Soft Floral Arrangements for Weddings

In this delicate wedding preparation soft tones are the common denominator. Here are the details of the main ingredients. Eyes open and enjoy!

The beautiful and lush Tuscan countryside is the main character of that ‘ preparation for wedding elegant and chic all marked by delicate tones of spring and graceful.

The common thread, which is the theme of the wedding, is given by its soft colors, which are declined in the bouquet, acting within in floral decorations.

The arc, the wedding bouquet, the centerpieces, prevail, in fact, the pink , the yellow , the white , through which the bride – with all its surroundings – seems to have been painted by a water colorist!

Soft Floral Arrangements for Weddings

A sense of quiet elegance emanates from the productions of the tables, where delicate peach-colored roses rest on precious vases stylized and old world charm.

The detail floral is, in this case, important, and partly by the sumptuous arc of flowers with base of ivy pittosporum and roses peach avalanche. The flowers used for the bouquet are English roses and Juliet Patience David Austin, braided berries Hipericum green.

Soft Floral Arrangements for Weddings

When you switch to centerpieces , this can be described as “shabby chic” (chic with languor), where the main feature is the cage painted white. Floral elements winners are: a garland of roses peach avalanche , pittosporum and white peonies. The latter the most popular from 2013 weddings .

The alternation is obtained with the glass ball, from which they quietly peeped beautiful Juliet David Austin English roses , white freesias , roses avalanche and eucalyptus .

Soft Floral Arrangements for Weddings

But the most important piece is the deck that comes out in all its splendor from the golden candlestick . It is a ball of peach avalanche roses, white hydrangeas, roses and pittosporum Vivienne.

In other words, often elegance and good taste go hand in hand with a sophisticated simplicity!


10 Skirts Top Wedding 2013

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10 Skirts Top Wedding 2013

Skirts gauzy, romantic, airy and princely or streamlined to run down the legs and hips to wrap the female figure as a sheath seductive! But what are the most photographed skirts of 2013? Here’s a taste!

In the choice of dress has first set, but the details are important, and how! Of course the dress is not chosen only for the bodice, sleeves, neckline, or the train, though, sometimes, one of the details (which are not much details) can be crucial to understand that it is just what the dress dreamed of!

This year in particular, there are many accents placed on one or the other point of the wedding dress . We have already seen that the back of the bride (and her cleavage reference) counts and some accessories are absorbed in the news (such as hoods and robes) and skirts, yes skirts are often the protagonists of many of the shots of parades .

Moreover, if you think that the predominant trend is the romance , this applied to wedding dresses skirts comes in very elaborate, spectacular, almost spectacular. And so, peering in fashion magazines we have selected for you the “10 most photographed skirts” who knows, you serve as an inspiration. Look at this!

A highlight of our selection is the skirt Radiant , which is really the perfect match between skirts and princely romance.

EME EME and Brides Aimée is often the protagonist of the covers of major fashion magazines, her vaporous skirts and flowers have definitely triggered the interest of many photographers and editors.

choreographic One of the most popular and the skirt that is part of the powder pink dress by Atelier Aimée Montenapoleone . A real sculpture of fabric.

It is true, the gap between the red and white is very strong, but the model Gritti Spose can not remain indifferent, then, is certainly a matter of taste!

Rosa Clarà enjoy it for its taste and understated elegance, then this year with her ​​skirts in silk glittering, precious, sinuous, glide over the body of women, highlighting the shapes right has definitely outdone herself!

Peppe Bottella and skirts marked by elegant blue ribbons have walked the catwalks and surprised more than a bride. The tulle skirts, and fluffy important are highlighted by a blue wire, elegant and refined, of course if you like the contrasting colors!

Elisabetta Polignano is known for his creativity. This designer is not afraid to put some of his creations and innovation in 2013 has put in place a real color revolution! The effect is there and it shows!

Aire de Barcelona with his precious skirt meringue beats very much! A skirt more languidly romantic this is difficult to imagine.

Carlo Pignatelli and its magnificent mermaid cuts are made ​​even more prominent by skirts that open like flower, beautiful and sensual floral, for one of the greatest contributions a major trend of the season.

Pronuptia with its wide dresses frock coat, processed fabrics are very versatile and perfectly suitable wedding dress, hits the mark when you think of the importance of the skirts. These are usually topped with inlaid bodices equally important that end with attractive heart-shaped necklines.

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